How Fire Retardant Plywood by MWUD Make Your Home Safer?

MWUD FR (Fire Retardant Plywood) is a type of plywood which is treated with special fire retardant substances at the time of composition so that it suits better at combating fires. It is also identified as FR grade plywood.

It is usually used in common places, where the risk of fire has to be subdued such as for producing the woodwork in the kitchens of large restaurants, or for the interior woodwork done in public houses and halls, and the wood used in the railway sections of our trains. It can also be utilised in apartments and buildings, for car interiors, and any other such areas where the chance and extent of the fire have to be reduced.

Agents such as diammonium hydrogen phosphate are used to create fire retardant plywood. The increase of fireproofing chemicals gives the plywood better-fireproofing features such as…….

  1. The minor bent of spark and ignite.
  2. Slow burning, having a reduced tendency of the fire to spread over the surface of the plywood.
  3. Low flammability and minor smoke generation.
  4. Higher fire insertion time.

The usage of FR grade plywood for getting home furniture is actually restricted, however, for the discerning consumers, for that price is not a primary concern, and who want to decrease the risks of fires in their homes, FR grade plywood can be a substantial choice. Other than the extra fire-retardant qualities of FR grade plywood, all other features of FR grade plywood are more or few similar to the regular plywood used that is used for relocating home furniture.

Where can you use fire retardant plywood in your home?

First off, building kitchen cabinets out of this type of plywood is a very good idea. These assemblies are often installed in close vicinity to the oven, and as such, are at the highest risk of turning into a fire hazard. Apart from this, you can use the plywood in making anything wooden, from desks and cupboards to doorways and windows.

At MWUD, we take fire protection very grievously and have made various kinds of fire retardant plywood for usage in your house. Browse our brochure today to find out which ones the best suite your house decor and budget.

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