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M'WUD Superia


    19 mm, 25mm

    8*4, 8*3, 7*4, 7*3, 6*4, 6*3 (ft)
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APPLICATIONS : Ships, Bus coaches, movies Halls, tall buildings, Restaurants, Railway Coaches

Made with the utmost care and perfection MWUD range of plywood is like a multivitamin for your furniture. It keeps your furniture safe and fit for a longer time. Since it is made with imported hardwood, treated with advance method against termites and bonded with high solid content resin, MWUD stays firmly with your furniture until unless you intensely destroy it.

Product Features

We research deeply to give the best quality products.

Here are the key product features:

    • Boosted with Power of Gurjan It is genuinely high-density plywood, bonded with a high solid content waterproof resin.
    • Extra thick face: To ensure the best finishing of your woodworking MWUD is made with the excellent quality thick face.
    • More extensive core and panel: To minimise the core and panel gap inside the plywood.
    • Long nail holding capacity- Since it is manufactured with more extensive core panel of Hardwood, therefore it has high nail holding capacity even on its edges.
    • Completely Treated Logs- Since it is made with imported high-density hardwood that has SILICA content that is a natural anti termite borer, in-spite of that selected logs are treated with anti-termite borer chemicals before sending it for peeling.
    • Lab tested for flawless quality: Each batch of manufacturing is tested as per specifications of Bureau of Indian standards.