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Care Tips

M'WUD Laminate is synonymous with style living which offer a wide range of decorative laminate for you home and offices.

1. Abstain from leaving the timber in direct daylight for extended stretches, as exposure will gradually than the timber after some time. Our items are fit to UV separated light. To keep up the compressed wood in its characteristic unique tone, you might need to consider applying a UV timber finish.
2. Be aware of dampness and introduction to the components. At the point when not being used, store the item in a dry, cool spot.

3. Be careful of the thick timber around fluids. Try not to leave spills to sit superficially. Any spilt liquids will leave a watermark. Utilise a dry fabric to retain spills right away.
4. Our items require insignificant cleaning – the main upkeep required is tidying. Utilise a dry cleaning fabric to evacuate residue and earth.
5. Maintain a strategic distance from contact with warmth and take care while setting grating articles on the timber.

6. On the off chance that any scratches or scratches show up, tenderly sand the region with fine coarseness sandpaper.

7. You can gently sand the surfaces with fine coarseness sandpaper to revive the timber's appearance. This ought to be done negligible, for example when each couple of years.