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MWUD FR ( Fire Retardent Plywood)



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APPLICATIONS : It is usually utilised in public spaces, where the danger of flame must be diminished, for example, for making the woodwork in the kitchens of great eateries, or for the inside woodwork done in open theatres and lobbies, and the wood utilised in the railroad compartments of our trains. It can likewise be utilised in homes and workplaces, for vehicle insides, and whatever other such places where the hazard and spread of the fire must be decreased.

MWUD FR is extremely good resistance capacity to resist fire. It is treated with proven fire-retardant chemicals at the time of manufacture and completely composed with high density hard wood veneers.Having boiling water proof marine grade quality standards, MWUD FR is uniquely processed for creating a super resistance from fire.

It is manufactured as per IS:5509 specifications that ensures the rate of burning of the plywood extended beyond 20 minutes. The time taken for flames to penetrate in Plywood is beyond 30 minutes.

USP of MWUD FR Grade Plywood

  • Treated with specially formulated fireproofing chemicals
  • Resist fire to spread over the surface of the plywood
  • Prevent spark and resist to ignite
  • Extremely Slow burning
  • Low flammability and lesser smoke generation
  • Higher flame penetration time
  • High density panel for long life
  • Manufactured with hard wood core and veneer