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MWUD GOLD (Premium Water Proof Plywood)



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APPLICATIONS : Perfect for Interior and Exterior uses like Furniture, Fixtures in Veranda, balcony and basements, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Door Panels, Partitions, Load bearing areas, Roof, stairs and Boxes, Canopies and Shelters, Boat and Shipbuilding, fencing and Portacabins, etc.

Marine Plywood is fundamentally intended for use in the development, fix and support of marine and waterway makes and henceforth is required to withstand thorough conditions including wetting and drying and introduction to assault by growths, creepy crawlies and even marine living beings. The holding is necessary to face a comprehensive 72-hour bubbling test, and the additive treatment is with fixed kind additive synthetic substances by vacuum weight impregnation. Pressed wood utilised for general reasons for existing is observed to be unsatisfactory for such applications. The technique for production of marine pushed wood has been explicitly expressed in IS 710:2010 so the subsequently compressed wood is fit for withstanding thorough tests and administration conditions. Thus, marine plywood is commonly wanted to BWR Grade squeezed wood, according to IS 303, for utilise even in furniture and building inside frameworks.

Product Features

We research deeply to give the best quality products.

Here are the key product features:

    • 100% hardwood made
    • Pre-assembled panels to reduce gaps
    • Zero core defects and increased strength
    • Extreme resistance to all climatic conditions
    • Highly stable, Warp resistant
    • Best Adhesion within Layers
    • Double surface sanding for Superior surface smoothness
    • Glue Line Protection and Preservative treatment