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MWUD PRIME (Premium Hardwood Ply)



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APPLICATIONS : Hardwood Plywood is utilized in millwork for the creating of furniture, cupboards, chests, worked in wardrobes, kitchens, engineering applications, entryways, framing, toys, melodic instruments, wearing gear, skateboards and so forth.

MWUD PRIME is a premium quality Marine grade plywood. It is a made for high-value creative needs and premium class wood working. MWUD PRIME plywood is manufactured from ‘all hardwood veneers’ which are conditioned and dried to bring down to a uniform moisture. Being passed  through Vacuum Pressure treatment process ,

it guarantees protection against borers & termites. MWUD PRIME can withstand any extreme weather condition, fluctuating temperature and humidity, alternate wetting and drying and other adversaries which are the prerequisites for plywood used in Marine applications and Furniture and woodworking needs around coastal areas.

Product Features

We research deeply to give the best quality products.

Here are the key product features:

    • Made with hardwood veneer
    • Wider core and panels to reduce gaps
    • Extreme resistance to all climatic conditions
    • Warp resistant, Highly stable
    • Strongly bonded inside
    • Double surface sanding for Superior surface smoothness
    • Glue Line Protection and Preservative treatment
    • 09 years warranty against any manufacturing defect.
    • 72 hours boiling test passed