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Quality Systems

Every plywood at Handa industries has resident quality handle employees to guarantee that the finished board will meet the particulars designated in the building standard. Facade thickness, dampness control for facade drying, committee review, and stick holding are instances of phases of production that are ceaselessly seen in the quality organisation.

It all starts with acquiring the healthy, legal, and accurate logs and veneer in tune with the group’s ‘timber purchase policies’. Thorough checks are executed to ensure that the veneer is properly dried. When the core veneer is composed precisely, Mat Ply is formed leading to the construction of plywood, which is an exhaustively detailed, specific and a digitally controlled process.

The steps after this see a series of checks and inspections, as follows:

  • Hammer check after hot press to ensure the accurate intensity, effectiveness and press-ability.
  • Thickness check after calibration to ensure there is no disparity in chunkiness.
  • Quality of face veneer check after overlaying [Face lamination].
  • Side edges/right angle check after cutting the edges.
  • Surface check after sanding.
  • Last surface check after preservative treatment.
  • The ultimate check of anything and everything before printing.
  • Stamping/Printing check before dispatch.